Jasons Cradle FRC/SOLAS

The Jason’s Cradle® FRC Kits are proven to aid in the safe and speedy recovery of man overboard victims in the preferred horizontal position.

The marine safety equipment is currently in service globally with most Navies’ and are considered a vital piece of safety equipment. As a recommended Man Overboard System, the fast rescue craft safety kits are SOLAS Approved and guaranteed for 3 years. The FRC kit consists of a Jason’s Cradle® with storage bag and a fi xing kit that enables the Cradle to be deployed on both the port and starboard side as required. Deployment of the Cradle forms a non-collapsible scoop.

The FRC approaches the casualty slowly, keeping them on the windward side and the casualty is guided into the Cradle head first. A strop is pulled to close the loop. A co-ordinated and methodical lift takes place and ‘rolling’ him over the tube into the rescue craft in the medically preferred horizontal position retrieves the casualty. Even with very heavy bodies the lift takes just a few seconds due to the Cradle’s 2 to 1 mechanical advantage. Solas approved


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