Proven universal commercial 275N lifejacket with antistatic and flame retardant properties (EN 1149-3 / EN ISO 14116 Index 1) for all activities in an explosive environment around water with fluorescent yellow cover and extra retro-reflective strips for higher visibility. The material of the GOLF 274 FR AC meets EN 11493 and EN ISO 14116 Index 1 and is therefore suitable for use around petrochemicals, refineries, tank farms and hazardous transport.
By meeting the anti-static requirements of EN 11493, the GOLF 275 FR AC can be used in areas of potential explosion where an electrostatic spark could ignite gas or oil.
The flame retardant properties are to EN ISO 14116 Index 1 to reduce the risk of burning clothing and its associated dangers.
The fluorescent yellow cover and extra retro strips offer greater visibility in poor conditions such as twilight and in the dark where there is the chance of extra risk.
This lifejacket is lightweight, particularly flat and a good fit, yet still offers a buoyancy of 275N and the ability to remove the cover from the bladder making it especially service-friendly so covers can be replaced or exchanged.


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