SECUMAR Mini 15-30 kg.


150N inflatable lifejacket for small children (15–30 kg), approved to DIN EN ISO 12402-3. New Winglet swim bladder with double layer system for double safety. Handle on back. Front D-ring. Triple secure closure: zip, tie strap, click buckle! A lot of safety for little people: the Duo Protect buoyancy chamber is covered by a robust protective cover because sometimes kids are a little rough.

Smallest inflatable lifejacket – much more lift than a foam buoyancy aid! Now the adventurous journey can begin! Even the smallest crew members have optimum protection with SECUMAR´s cheerful pirate. A short, comfortable cut, the snug micro fleece, and the simple front zipper – the MINI makes fun so cosy for all young pirates between 15 and 30 kg. It goes without saying that the MINI certainly does not lay behind the adult versions as regards safety features!


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