Zodiac MK5 HD

Quite possibly the most popular inflatable boat of the new millennium Zodiac MILPRO’s MK5 is the big deal on the water for cruise ships, military units, and water people from pole to pole. Big on capacity and abilities but rolls up small for transport and storage when you don’t need it.

Designated “HD” for heavy duty use the Zodiac MILPRO MK5 sees extreme service in the harshest of environments with demanding professionals.

The Zodiac MILPRO MK5 is widely used in maritime salvage, oil exploration, ecology, rescue, law enforcement, transport, ship yards, and leisure activities.

“Large and voluminous but can still pack down into bags”
This is a unique range of larger inflatables that is designed primarily to carry heavy loads at planing speeds due to its patented Futura hull shape. HD uses heavy materials and is reinforced throughout making it suitable for extreme service. Even at sizes up to 7 m, they can still be rolled up into a bag and thrown into the back of a pickup truck or aircraft.


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